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PCB Solution—Remote control toys

PCB Solution—Remote control toys


Professional remote control solution:2.4G Remote Control Receiver Module Kit Circuit


Board For RC Model Car with 2 motors/3 motors/4 motors/5 motors.



Features:ZK-TR100 module uses the latest 2.4G wireless transmission technology.Stable


and reliable performance, long communication distance and strong anti-interference


ability. It is suitable for the development and application of toys, model airplanes and other


products.Such as differential engineering vehicle, earthmoving vehicle, tank,


remote control boat and track robot.


2 motors/3 motors/4 motors/5 motors, using differential corners, ideal for DIY foam boats,model tanks


Launch board: 2.2V – 4.5V, (2-3 sections 1.2V lithium battery or 1.5V dry battery)


Receiving board: 3.6V – 10V (3-8 cells of 1.2V lithium battery or rechargeable battery for toy cars 4.8V – 7.2V)


Distance: 100 meters


Frequency: High-frequency 2.4G, it is not necessary to use multiple serial signals at the same time


Power: High-power receiving board integrated motor drive chip MOS tube drive efficiency,


power saving,


Not transistor drive.


Remote control frequency: high frequency 2.4G


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