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Communication base station PCB
Communication base station PCB
Communication base station PCB

Communication base station PCB

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Communication base station PCB


In telecommunications, a base station is a fixed transceiver that is the main communication point for one or more


wireless mobile client devices.


A base station serves as a central connection point for a wireless device to communicate. It further connects the


device to other networks or devices, usually through dedicated high bandwidth wire or fiber optic connections.


Base stations are generally a transceiver, capable of sending and receiving wireless signals; otherwise, if they


only transmitted signals out, they would be considered a transmitter or broadcast point. A base station will


have one or more radio frequency (RF) antennas to transmit and receive RF signals to other devices.


Base stations are also central points that all clients connect to in a hub and spoke style network; it would not


be a client among similar peers. Generally, if client devices wanted to communicate to each other, they would


communicate both directly with the base station and do so by routing all traffic through it for transmission


to another device.


communication base station PCB


Communication base station PCB 5G construction features:


With the continuous advancement of 5G construction, due to the characteristics of 5G high-speed and high-frequency,


the value of communication boards will be greatly improved for a single base station, and the demand for


communication boards will be further driven by the construction of 5G base stations. First of all, the number of 5G base


stations is much larger than the current 4G base stations. In particular, a certain number of micro base stations will be


covered in the blind spot area, which undoubtedly drives the demand for communication PCB boards.


Communication base station


Wired communication equipment and wireless communication equipment in an industrial control environment.


The wired communication equipment mainly introduces the serial communication, the professional bus type


communication,the industrial Ethernet communication and the conversion equipment between various


communication protocols in the industrial field. Wireless communication equipment is mainly wireless APs,


wireless bridges, wireless network cards,wireless lightning arresters, antennas, and other equipment.


The frequency of the RF part is relatively high, and the digital signal rate of the baseband part is very high,


which leads to very high material requirements. Some parts also require plates with ceramic substrates.


In terms of processing,the board generally has dozens of layers of through-hole plates and requires a


back-drilling process.Single and double panels and multi-layer boards are still the main requirements


of communication equipment.


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