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Incoming Quality Control.


HCH-PCB quality team will check the quality of all raw materials to ensure that no bad materials enter


the production process.In HCH-PCB, all materials must undergo strict inspections before entering the


warehouse.HCH-PCB has established strict inspection procedures and work instructions to control


incoming materials. In addition, HCH-PCB owns variety of precise inspection instruments and equipment


to guarantee that it can correctly judge the quality of the material being verified. HCH-PCB has advanced


system to manage materials to guarantee that materials are first-in-first-out.When a material is close to


the expiration date, the system will issue a warning to ensure that the material is used up before expiration


or is verified before use.

IQC, with full name of Incoming Quality Control, refers to the quality confirmation and inspection of the purchased


raw materials, parts or products, that is, the products are inspected by sampling when the supplier sends the raw


materials or parts, and the final judgment is made whether the batch of products is accepted or returned.


1. Main Inspection Method


    (1) Appearance inspection: generally use visual inspection, hand feel, and limited samples.


    (2) Dimensional inspection: such as cursors, sub-centres, projectors, height gauges and three-dimensional.


    (3)Structural feature inspection: such as tension gauge and torque gauge.


    (4) Characteristic inspection: use testing instruments or equipment.


2. QC Process


     IQC ⇒ IPQC(PQC) ⇒ FQC ⇒ OQC


    (1) IQC: Incoming Quality Control–For incoming materials


    (2) IPQCS: In Process Quality Control–For production line


    (3) PQC: Process Quality Control–For Semi-finished products


    (4) FQC: Final Quality Control–For finished products


    (5) OQC: Out-going Quality Control–For products to be shipped


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