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Board Cleaning

HCH-PCB has professional circuit board cleaning technology, which can do perfect cleaning after soldering


For the cleaning of electronic circuit board assemblies (PCBA cleaning), the main goal is to remove rosin,


resin residues on the circuit board, and other pollution during the production process.



Although in the production process of many low-end products, the requirements can be met without cleaning, but in the fields of


high-end products such as automobiles, communications, military, aerospace, etc., proper cleaning processes are necessary.


1.Why do we need to clean the circuit board?


    (1) Improve the aesthetic appearance of PCB.


    (2) Improve the reliability of PCB and affect its durability.


    (3) Prevent corrosion of components and PCB, especially at component leads and PCB contacts.


    (4) Avoid adhesion of conformal coatings


    (5) Avoid ion pollution


2.What are to be removed from the board and where do they come from?


    Dry contaminants (dust, dirt)


    Wet contaminants (dirt, waxy oil, flux, soda water)


    (1) Residues in the production process


    (2) The impact of the working environment


    (3) Incorrect use/operation


 3.Main method:


    (1) Inject compressed air


    (2) Brush with alcohol swab


    (3) Try to use an eraser to gently wipe away corroded objects.


    (4) Mix baking soda with water and apply to the corroded area. Then take it out and dry


    (5) Ultrasonic PCB cleaning


4.Ultrasonic PCB cleaning


    Ultrasonic PCB cleaning is a general cleaning method that can be cleaned by cavitation. Basically, the ultrasonic PCB cleaning


    machine sends high-frequency sound waves to the water tank containing the cleaning liquid during the process of immersing


    the PCB in it. This can cause billions of small bubbles in the cleaning fluid to burst, thereby blowing all contaminants away from


    the printed circuit board without damaging components or anything else.


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