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HCH-PCB‘s SMT workshop has X-ray machines, which can inspect welded parts such as BGA, QFN…


X-rays use low-energy X-rays to quickly detect objects without damaging them.




      1.Scope of application:


         IC, BGA, PCB/PCBA, surface mount process solderability test, etc.




         IPC-A-610, GJB 548B


      3.X-ray function:


         The high-voltage impact target is used to generate X-ray penetration to test the internal structure quality of electronic


         components, semiconductor packaging products and the quality of various SMT solder joints.


      4.Content to be detected:


         Metal materials and parts, plastic materials and parts, electronic parts, electronic parts, LED parts and other internal cracks,


         foreign body defect detection, BGA, circuit board and other internal displacement analysis; identification of empty welding,


        virtual welding and other BGA welding defects, microelectronic systems And internal analysis of glued components, cables,


        fixtures, plastic parts.


      5.Advantages of X-ray:


        (1) 98% process defect coverage can be checked, including but not limited to: wrong soldering, bridges, monuments,


             insufficient solder, pores, missing components, etc. In particular, X-RAY can also check hidden devices for solder joints,


             such as BGA and CSP. What’s more, in SMT, X-rays can check places that cannot be checked by naked eyes and


             online tests. For example, when it is judged that the PCBA is faulty and the inner layer of the PCB is suspected to be


             damaged, X-RAY can quickly check it.


        (2) The test preparation time is greatly reduced.


        (3) Defects that cannot be reliably detected by other test methods can be observed, such as: wrong welding,


             pores, poor molding, etc.


        (4) Double-sided board and multi-layer board only need to be checked once (with layering function)


        (5) Relevant measurement information can be provided to evaluate the production process in SMT.


             Such as the thickness of the solder paste, the amount of solder under the solder joint, etc.

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