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Heavy Copper PCB
Heavy Copper PCB

Heavy Copper PCB

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Heavy Copper PCB

Heavy copper PCB is also known as thick copper PCB, in which there are 3 ounces (oz) of copper or more on the


internal and external layers of a printed circuit board. The circuit board with a copper thickness of more than 4 oz


per square foot (ft2) is also categorized as a heavy copper PCB. Extreme copper means 20 oz per ft2 to 200 oz per ft2.



The reason why heavy copper PCB is the reliable wiring platform is that the thicker plating in the through-holes


circuits and an appropriate substrate combined with copper weight. Heavy copper conductors can improve the


whole PCB thickness considerably, so it needs to take the copper thickness into consideration as PCB design.


The width and thickness of thick copper determine the current-carrying capability.


HCH-PCB is a highly skilled thick copper PCB manufacturer that can develop and produce a superior thick copper


PCB product of the highest quality. We offer a thick copper PCB manufacturing service that uses copper weights


of up to 15oz (525μm). Check our capabilities in the following table:


Feature Capability
Quality Grade Standard  IPC2
Number of Layers 2-24layers
Order Quantity 1-100000+pcs
Build Time 2days-4weeks
Material FR-4 Standard Tg 140°C, FR4-High Tg 170°C
Board Size Min 5mm x 5mm | Max 500mm x 610mm
Board Thickness 0.6mm-6.5mm
Max Outer Layer Copper Weight (Finished) 150oz
Max Inner Layer Copper Weight 12oz
Min Tracing/Spacing For External layers:

4ozCu 9mil/9mil

5oz Cu 11mil/11mil

6oz Cu 13mil/13mil

12oz Cu 20mil/32mil

15oz Cu32mil/40mil


For Internal layers:

4oz Cu 8mil/12mil

50z Cu 10mil/15mil

6ozCu 12mil/17mil

12oz Cu 20mil/32mil

Solder Mask Sides follow the file
Solder Mask Color Green, White, Blue, Black, Red,Yellow,etc
Silkscreen Sides follow the file
Silkscreen Color White, Black, Yellow,etc
Surface Finish HASL-Hot Air Solder Leveling ,Lead Free HASL-RoHS

ENIG – Electroless Nickle/Immersion Gold – RoHS

Min Annular Ring 6mil
Min Drilling Hole Diameter 10mil
other Techniques Gold fingers

Blind/Buried Vias


Finished Copper PCBs of Superior Quality


HCH-PCB has a decade of experience in manufacturing and assembling high-performing standard and heavy copper


PCB products that help our customers achieve their productivity and profitability goals. We make it a standard


operating procedure to have our highly skilled engineers run design for manufacture on every circuit file, and address


all questions and concerns before production. This helps to ensure the finished electronic boards meet your


performance expectations. Our capable staff includes an in-house quality control department – we guarantee the


quality of our printed circuit boards.


(Note: To ensure we can fabricate your thick copper PCB correctly, it is important to take the greater width of traces


and spacing between the traces caused by the increased copper weight into consideration.)


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Thick Copper PCB manufacturing price can be get within seconds. Just click below button to enter our PCB Quote


page, then fill in your circuit spec, the PCB price will show up in the right column. Whenever you are ready to order,


follow our online guide to submit the order, upload PCB design file (Gerber format preferred | Preorder Checklist)


and issue the payment. We will schedule your heavy copper PCB fabrication right away.


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If you got questions about our Heavy Copper PCB manufacturing capabilities or your custom project required


specifications are not listed in this page, reach us at anytime. We will reply within one working day



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A: We accept both OEM and ODM orders. MOQ is 1 pcs.
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