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What is AOI?


The full name of AOI is Automated Optical Inspection, it is a very important QC process of checking SMT soldering quality .


HCH-PCB has advanced AOI machine . ALL products are 100% checked by AOI machine at HCH-PCB SMT line.


AOI is mainly based on high-speed and high-precision vision processing technology to detect common defects


encountered during soldering and placement. The function of the machine is to automatically scan the PCB through


the camera, collect images and compare them with the parameters in the database. After image processing,


the detected defects are marked and displayed on the monitor for manual repair.



   1.When to use AOI?


         The early use of AOI can avoid sending bad circuit boards to the subsequent assembly stage and achieve good process control.


         Thereby reducing maintenance costs, and avoid scrapping non-repairable circuit boards.List AOI as the last step, we can find all


         assembly errors, such as solder paste printing, component placement and reflow process, providing a high level of safety.


    2.What to be detected?


         There are mainly the following three dimensions:


         1.Position test;  2.Value test;  3.Solder test;


    3.advanced of AOI


       Compared with visual inspection, AOI improves error detection, especially for more complex PCBs and larger production volumes.


    (1) Precise position: As small as 01005.


    (2) Low cost: To improve the pass rate of PCB.


    (3) Multiple inspection objects: including but not limited to short circuit, open circuit, insufficient solder, etc.


    (4) Programmable lighting: Increase image shrinkage.


    (5) Network-capable software: Collect and retrieve data through text, image, database or a combination of several formats.


    (6) Effective feedback: As reference for parameter modifying before next manufacturing or assembly.

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